"I lost 8lbs in the first week. I never thought I'd get these results so fast"  -Dan Colantonio

"I lost 30 pounds in 6 months and I was never able to do that... Before I was very sluggish, and almost quite depressed because I just didn't seem to have the energy each day to work on the weight issues. Within days of using the Matcha Tea I was able to see a huge boost in my energy levels. I just felt alive inside and out."   -Robin Traviss


"I just finished my 3 week Cleanse and I'm feeling great!! Just by making a few small changes in my diet and incorporating these wonderful teas into my daily routine I started seeing results within the first week. It encouraged me to keep going. This program is easy to follow and I love the checklist for the weekly goals. I LOST 13 pounds and I feel AMAZING! Now these Cleanse Teas and some of the healthy eating habits are apart of my daily routine. Thank you Honey & Tea." - Sarah Carpino


"I had done a cleanse earlier this year and started my journey towards healthy eating habits, weekly workouts but over time my cravings kicked in and my eating habits slowly started falling. The Honey & Tea Cleanse was an amazing experience for me! I lost 13 lbs, my sweet tooth disappeared and over all, I feel fantastic! I will be continuing with the teas and clean eating! I now know what foods don't agree with me and make me feel sluggish and bloated! This cleanse has changed the way I look at foods, I will continue to eat clean, whole foods!  Thank you Honey & Tea for such a great experience!!" - Sarah Edwards