Kombucha Brewing Kit
  • Kombucha Brewing Kit
  • Kombucha Brewing Kit

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Looking for a healthy alternative to pop and alcohol this summer? 

Kombucha is one of those, 'I can't believe this is healthy & delicious,' gifts from nature.  As a fermented fizzy tea brew, the options for flavouring are unlimited and drinking Kombucha counts as a probiotic to aide in digestion & weight loss.  

Our Starter Kit includes everything needed to brew at home

  • Scoby & starter tea (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast)
  • Glass jar to make your brew
  • Gourmet tea needed to feed the scoby

Once you start brewing you will have an unlimited supply, as new SCOBY's will form with each batch. You kit includes instructions and access to our staff via email or phone for support with your new hobby

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