Tea Advent Calendar
  • Tea Advent Calendar
  • Tea Advent Calendar

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Slow down this Holiday Season and Savour each day with a special person in your life over a cup of Honey & Tea.  Each sample pack provides 2 servings and can be re-steeped to enjoy a second cup while you savour the little things that make Christmas so memorable. These loose leaf samples are sealed to preserve freshness and aroma, so if not all the teas are consumed during Christmas they will last until opened. 

Honey & Tea boasts some of the most exotic flavours that are blended in small batches to preserve freshness and quality. We have it all, from classic Black teas to traditional Green teas, Dessert teas, Seasonal blends and even all natural Cleansing teas. 

Each tea in the Gift Box comes with a ribbon so that the teas can be hung on your Christmas tree or string them up across your fireplace or along a banister for a beautiful reminder to slow down & cherish the moment. 

Enjoy your teas hot, cold or as a mar-TEA-ni!  The 24 Flavours included are listed below.

*Please note the Tea Calendars are hand painted and assembled please allow for up to 1 week to receive your calendar after ordering. 

*Tree NOT included

  1. Jasmine green tea
  2. Organic Ceylon black tea
  3. Gingersnap rooibos tea
  4. Chamomile herbal tea
  5. Schizandra Blackcurrant white tea
  6. Papaya Mango mate 
  7. Cinnamon Orange Spice black tea
  8. Toasted Caramel rooibos tea
  9. Cool Mint herbal tea
  10. Mango Rose green tea
  11. English Breakfast black tea
  12. Sweet Pumpkin Spice rooibos tea
  13. Organic Honeybush herbal tea
  14. Tropical green tea
  15. Honey Pistachio Biscotti black tea
  16. Organic Rooibos tea
  17. Strawberry Ginger Peppercorn white tea
  18. Chocolate Mint rooibos tea
  19. Classic Assam black tea
  20. Slimming oolong tea
  21. Lemondrop Sencha green tea
  22. Coconut Truffle black tea
  23. Wild Blueberry green tea
  24. Vanilla Chai Spice black tea